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Lufthansa Airlines

Founded in 1955, Lufthansa is that the leading airline in Germany and one in every of the most important airlines within the world. With hub airports at Frankfort flying field (FRA) and Munich airfield (MUC), Lufthansa links over 300 destinations in over a hundred countries once a year. Along with Air Canada, SAS, Thai Airways and United Airlines, Lufthansa is one in every of the instauration members of the airline alliance, Star Alliance. Shaped in 1997, Star Alliance is one in every of the most important airline alliances within the world and has over 25 totally different members. Lufthansa owns variety of various subsidiary airlines. In affiliation with Austrian Airlines, Swiss, Bruxelles Airlines, Euro wings and German wings, Lufthansa offers varied services across four totally different continents. Lufthansas fleet is comprised of a mixture of the newest generation of airliner and Boeing craft. The airline has over 280 craft among its fleet, with more on order which will either expand on or replace its active craft.

Lufthansa Hub flying field

Frankfurt International flying field

Frankfurt International flying field is that the main flying field placed in Frankfurt and also the flying field hub for Lufthansa. The flying field is split into 2 terminals. Terminal one is that the older flying field of the 2 and also the terminal within which Lufthansa and its subsidiaries operate all of their services among Frankfurt flying field. Terminal two is calculable to carry around 50 million passengers annually.

Terminal two is smaller than Terminal one, with around 15 million passengers passing through annually. This terminal is employed by a number of the world's biggest international airlines, like yank Airlines, British Airways, LATAM and China jap Airlines.

Lufthansa Food

Lufthansa Meal choices

Lufthansa passengers receive free meals and snacks on board their flights, tailored to the region of the destination you're traveling to. Passengers in initial, Business and Premium Economy will read the menu for his or her flights before outbound. to look at the menu, enter your flight variety, flight category and date on the Lufthansa web site.

In-flight food is obtainable on most flights, except on particularly short routes wherever there's not ample time to produce this service, as an example on the Frankfort - Luxembourg routes. The route and period of your flight can verify that meal, hot or cold, or snack you may receive.

Lufthansa Special Dietary necessities

Special meals for diabetics, vegetarians, spiritual is ordered up to twenty four hours before departure at no additional price. The following may be a list of the special meals offered for order with Lufthansa

Vegetarian or whole food:

Vegan Meal

Vegetarian (lacto-ovo) meal

Vegetarian-Asian (Indian) meal

Vegetarian-Oriental meal

Light whole food meal

Religious Meals

Kosher Meal

Muslim Meal

Hindu Meal (non vegetarian)

Childrens Meals

Baby Meal

Childrens Meal

Lufthansa In-flight recreation

Lufthansa provides passengers with associate expansive choice of TV and movies to help them create the foremost of their in-flight expertise.

Lufthansa Movies

Lufthansa offers a variety of films to assist its passengers have the foremost gratifying flight potential. Lufthansa often updates its choice of films, adding new releases in a very vary of languages to stay passengers of each style diverted. From victory classics to action-packed new releases, there is one thing for everybody on board your Lufthansa flight!

Lufthansa TV

Lufthansa lets passengers select from a variety of Emmy-award winning TV shows similarly as classic shows from a variety of European countries. From comedies to documentaries, there is a TV show for each style on board your Lufthansa flight.

Lufthansa LAN

Available on each short and long-haul flights, Lufthansa LAN 'Lufthansa FlyNet' permits you to remain connected in-flight thus you'll get pleasure from victimisation the net even as if you were at home! Whether or not you are scrolling through your social networks or catching up with work, Lufthansa's high-speed LAN has you lined

Lufthansa Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers that are flying in Economy category and Premium Economy category on Lufthansa are entitled to at least one item of carry-on baggage freed from charge, whereas passengers flying in Business category and top notch are entitled to 2 things. each bit of luggage should not weigh quite 8kg and ought to match inside the size of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. additionally to the present, all passengers flying on Lufthansa are allowed to originate one little item of luggage, a baby or travel cot once flying with a baby or a quality aid freed from charge.

Checked Baggage

Within Europe

When flying in Economy lightweight, Lufthansa passengers are solely entitled to at least one item of carry-on baggage freed from charge. If passengers want to ascertain a bag, they need to purchase further baggage.

When flying in Economy categories & Flex Class, passengers are entitled to at least one item of free checked baggage with a most weight allowance of 23kg. once flying in Business category inside Europe, Lufthansa passengers are entitled to 2 things of checked baggage  baggage should weigh no heavier than 32kg per bag.

Check-in info

Online arrival

You can arrival for your Lufthansa reservation victimisation our on-line arrival page. Click on the Lufthansa emblem and enter your flight details on the subsequent page to arrival. Lufthansa net arrival opens 23 hours before scheduled  flight point in time.

Airport arrival

Passengers flying on Lufthansa will arrival at the landing field by either visiting the Lufthansa arrival desks or by victimisation the self-service arrival machines. we suggest inward in lots of time if you are checking-in at the landing field. Gain least two hours before for domestic flights and three hours for international flights.

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